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Deadly COVID 19 pandemic

Following the outbreak of the deadly disease COVID 19 pandemic that has intensified worldwide , Flowerstown Foundation have temporary suspended it’s activities at the organisation’s headquarters ,also suspended are field assessments and verification to new beneficiaries, monitoring and evaluation exercises effective friday the 20th March 2020,for the next 32 days. This is in respect of […]

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16th – The day of African child

The day of African child is commemorated on 16th of june every year by African states in remembrance of children massacred during the Soweto uprising ,South Africa in 1976.Today #FlowerstownFoundation and other civil society organizations in Mbarara District commemorated this important event, the theme of this year’s event is HUMANITARIAN ACTION IN AFRICA;CHILDREN’S RIGHT FIRST Among the […]

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Transformation of a girl child

Transformation of a girl child in Africa to a modern society is not only about training her hands on skills,. The campaign of culture norms would help a girl child if she’s given an exposure to her human rights,African children’s education career is hindered by parental inability caused by poverty and over producing due to […]

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various dominant economic activities

#FlowerstownFoundation has various dominant economic activities that can socially, economically, empower and transform teenage girls while mitigating against early pregnancies. These are engagements related to being a future employment since the economic activities doubles as training and feeding them at #FlowerstownFoundation as well as when the girls complete training and reintegrate into community social life. Much […]

    Flowerstown Foundation is an NGO based in Kashari Mbarara district that is economically transforming the lives of teenager adolescent girls


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