The Wonderful Team

We attribute your success to a mature, intelligent creative approach and by listening to and understanding our clients’requirements. The Organization Haswell Qualified Staff in areas of project management,monitoring and evaluation financial management, counseling,public administration and education and technical education

Following establishment of Flowers town foundation Uganda In 2012,the organization has achieved the following

  • 41 teenage girls and mothers have acquired skills in tailoring,knitting and jewelry making
  • All The 41 Beneficiaries Have Gained Hope as a result of specialized training and education programs that aim at improving their psycho social well being.
  • Some Of The Teenage Girls That Have completed training are now training new entrants.
  • Have Created A Sense Of Belonging For The assisted teenage girls and mothers.
  • Have created behavior change among the teenage girls and mothers by imparting in the societal ethical values.
  • The Beneficiaries Have Gained knowledge in personal hygiene,sanitation and positive living in general hence doing away with reckless living.

Joyce Weisz

Executive Director Nurse

25 years of experience in medical

Nyakusima Elly

Deputy Ex.Director

25 years in business management & farming

Dennis Oscar M

Chief executive officer
International relations and public relations. 8 years work experience in issues of public relations and talent management

RichardK Tabaro

20 years of work experience in teaching in secondary education

Annabel Kasasira

Business woman

20 years in business management

Greg Vernon


Over 20 years experience in evangelization

    Flowerstown Foundation is an NGO based in Kashari Mbarara district that is economically transforming the lives of teenager adolescent girls


    P.O. Box 1440. Mbarara, Uganda